Building confidence in the financial
management of Canada's non-profit,
charitable and social enterprises.

The team of chartered accountants and financial professionals at Humanity Financial Management Inc. works with directors, leaders and funders of Canada’s non-profit sector every day.

We provide as-needed help to build confidence that assets are protected and funds are invested to produce results that stakeholders expect.

We also want people to feel good about doing good – we train clients, build capacity and provide advice that ensures long-term value well after our work is done.

How We Can Help

The Hard Facts

Become Aware. Every year, over 50% of not-for-profit organizations and charities in Canada lose money as a result of fraud. Are you protected?


Prevent financial mismanagement to protect reputation and promote trust.

Practical Training

We teach workshops, facilitate planning and train staff to create appropriate, efficient and effective financial processes.

“As a small non-profit, with big dreams and goals, we seek out people
who understand and value the work we do. This includes those who we
need to ensure we are financially responsible. Gordon and Megan have
not disappointed. They take the time and listen to our needs and meet them
every time. We confidently recommend them to others with similar values.”

– Keli Anderson, National Institute of Families


A message from Humanity Financial Management Co-Founder, Gordon Holley, CPA:

I have worked to strengthen the financial management of non-profit and charitable organizations throughout my career as a chartered accountant and also as a dedicated volunteer. I truly believe that reliable financial processes and improved capacity for financial leadership can make a real difference to the important work of Canada’s non-profit sector.

The question I’m asked most often is how non-profits should set up financial management roles and at which levels of expertise – volunteer, staff, contract and/or leadership. For non-profits – more than any other type of organization – it is vital that this is done appropriately. Mistakes cost money and limit development potential.

Learn how your organization should structure financial management roles and responsibilities to get the best results. Get instant access to our  guides today.

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Financial Management Roles and Responsibilities Guide

It includes a roles and responsibilities matrix that includes many of the most of the important financial management tasks for Not-for-profit organizations and Charities.

It will help you:

* Make sure that someone in your organization is responsible and accountable for all major financial management responsibilities
* Identify financial management roles that are currently not being fulfilled
* Update or revise your organization’s job descriptions and terms of reference for key Financial Management tasks

internalcontrolsguideBasic Internal Controls for Small to Mid-size Not-for-profit Organizations and Charities.

It includes a listing of the basic internal controls that most organizations in this sector should have in place. Compare it to the policies you currently have to determine which policies you might want to develop to increase protection your organization and its directors.

It will help you:

* Identify important financial management policies and procedures that your organization
should have to project its assets (its not a compressive list, but it’s a good start!).

Treasurer Position Description Template for Not-for-profit Organizations and Charities

It includes a listing of the primary roles and responsibilities of a typical Treasurer in the social-profit sector. There are also notes that outline which roles the Treasurer should perform and which roles staff should perform.

It will help you:

* Design a Treasurer position description for your organization.
* Ensure that your Board and staff understand the Treasurer’s critical role.
* Ensure that your Treasurer understands the organizations expectations.

treasuresRRTreasurer Roles and Responsibilities – NFPOs and Charities

Treasurers have a specific role to play.  Often, however, Treasurers are asked to take on roles that really don’t fit with financial management best practices.  Download our Treasurer Roles and Responsibilities Guide today to learn the specific roles that are appropriate for Treasurers and those that are better left for bookkeeping and accounting staff.

It will help you:

* Understand the appropriate role for your Treasurer
* Provide a basis for a great board discussion for the appropriate role for a Treasurer
* Avoid unnecessary Treasurer turnover

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