“Protect your board from financial and reputational risk.”

For Directors

Identify risks in financial management processes

Protect yourself from personal liability

Build and protect the reputation of your organization

Financial mismanagement of your not-for-profit, charitable or social enterprise can put both your personal and professional reputation at risk.  Not to mention that of your organization.

Are you aware of the risks your board could face?

There is an easy way to answer this question. All organizations – even the smallest – need strategic financial planning and oversight at key points in their development.

Humanity Financial Management Inc. works with boards to identify and address common issues (and unique issues, too). Secure the future of the cause you care about. Contact us today to learn more.

“Financial management help for non-financial leaders”

For Leaders

Lead with new confidence and skills

Create time to focus on strategic initiatives

Attract funding and increase efficiency

If you’ve been asked to provide financial management duties for your organization that are well beyond your experience, you’re not alone. Many not-for-profit, charitable and social enterprises rely on leaders who might not have financial backgrounds to provide financial oversight.

This can add stress and anxiety to an already demanding role.

It also creates significant financial risk for your organization.

Without proper internal controls, policies and procedures, many NFPOs are left vulnerable. Common risks include intentional employee fraud, theft or embezzlement, unintentional financial errors as well as inappropriate or ineffective spending.

Good financial management practices build internal confidence and external credibility. They support you in attracting influential directors, securing stable funding and negotiating contracts.

These best practices also reduce the impact of reputational damage in a crisis. One significant financial error or omission could ruin a hard-earned reputation overnight.

Humanity Financial Management Inc. provides part-time and/or temporary CFOs, controllers and bookkeepers with proven experience in the NFPO, charitable and social enterprise sector. We train staff and work on special projects, facilitate process improvements.

We also provide training and financial knowledge development courses for NFPO leaders and staff – click here to visit our Training programs.

“Protect and support your investment”

For Funders and Donors

Spark innovation among funding recipients

Align governance requirements

Streamline stakeholder reporting

When foundations, sponsors and major donors grant funds, they expect the investment to result in a strategic outcome.

When recipient organizations are asked to report how the investment is being managed, they sometimes struggle to find the skills, resources and tools necessary to assure stakeholders that they are on track.

Humanity Financial Management Inc. can help. We offer solutions that bridge the accountability requirements of funders with the administrative realities of organizations.

As an added benefit, we often find opportunities for innovation along the way.

"Gordon and Megan are extremely personable and up beat in their approach.
They are curious, caring and clearly enjoy what they do. It was an absolute
pleasure to work with them when our non-profit was converting from Excel to
QuickBooks. We always look forward to working with this team."

CWWA is a national nonprofit society based in British Columbia, Canada.

- Carol Whitman

President & CEO, Creative Women Workshops Association (CWWA)