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Training Hours

Become a Certified Non-Profit Accounting Professional (CNAP)


The CNAP program was developed by the Nonprofit CPAs, based in Nashville, TN.

Hundreds of participants from the United States, Canada, South America, the Middle East and beyond have taken live and online CNAP courses.

Humanity Financial Management has customized the CNAP course materials to meet the needs of Canadian nonprofit and charitable organizations and to reflect Canadian regulations. The CNAP course covers topics critical to building stronger NFP and Charities: Legal, Tax, Governance, Accounting, Internal Financial Management and External Financial Reporting. See below for further detail.

At the end of the course, participants write a brief online open book exam in order to demonstrate understanding of course concepts and to receive certification.



Staff, volunteers, funders and leaders of Canadian nonprofits and charities can now access affordable live, in-person – or webinar-based – training to improve the financial management and oversight of their organizations.

Previously only available in the United States, the in-person version of the CNAP course is a three-day (21 hour) event providing students with tools, expertise and ideas geared specifically towards nonprofit and charity financial operations and management. The Webinar version of the course is offered in 7 weekly 2-hour sessions (14 hours).  Course content has been adapted to the unique Canadian regulations and environment.

Taught by an experienced Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), CNAP will leave students feeling more confident in their financial management skills and stakeholders feeling more confident in the secure financial future of their organization.


Gordon HolleyGordon Holley, CPA, CA, CPB has more than 20 years of experience as an accountant. In addition to serving on the boards of numerous nonprofit organizations, he was the first Canadian member of the National Association of Nonprofit Accountants and Consultants and is a Past President and Director of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada.

Gordon is the co-founder of Humanity Financial Management Inc., an accounting firm focused on building the capacity and credibility of Canada’s not for profit, charitable and social enterprises.


  • Increasing competition for decreasing donations and core funding
  • Rising stakeholder expectations of accountability and transparency
  • Limited budgets for hiring and training staff



Nature of NFPOs & Charities in Canada

  • Legal characteristics of NFPOs and charities in Canada
  • Canada Revenue Agency – tax characteristics and regulation of NFPOs and charities
  • Governance: financial management roles and responsibilities in NFPOs

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (“GAAP”) for NFPOs
  • Understanding NFPO financial statements
  • Establishing effective  internal financial management systems & software



  • The budgeting process
  • Revenue and expense budgets / Cash Flow budgets / Capital budgets
  • Budget monitoring and reporting: requirements, recommendations and risks

Cost Allocations to Specific Programs and/or Funders

Contract and Grant Compliance

  • Understanding expectations, ensuring compliance and easing the reporting process

Internal Controls for Asset and Reputation Protection

  • Why internal controls are the key to protecting assets and reputation
  • Basic internal controls for NFPOs & charities
  • Developing financial management policies and procedures

Maintaining Adequate Books and Records


Working with of the Independent CPA Firm – Roles and expectations

  • Audits / Reviews / Compiliations

Canada Revenue Agency Compliance for NFPOs and Charities

  • Income tax reporting
  • Social Enterprises and the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Payroll and sales taxes (e.g. GST/HST, PSB Rebate, PST)
  • Donation receipting for charities

Open Book Examination – Completed Online

Download the Frequently Asked Question for the Curriculum



  • Become more confident in the financial leadership of your organization
  • Understand what makes not-for-profit financial management unique
  • Comply with tax and other regulations
  • Streamline and standardize procedures
  • Structure reports to meaningfully communicate financial data
  • Identify and minimize risk
  • Improve budgeting
  • Enhance your reputation


Anyone responsible for managing financial procedures and influencing decisions:

  • Nonprofit executives
  • Volunteer directors
  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants*
  • Strategic consultants

"I had the great fortune to meet Gordon at a time when we were looking to expand our course
offerings for not-for-profit leaders. Gordon’s sincere commitment to the sector was
immediately apparent, and he was eager to contribute his time and talent to our community.
Gordon’s sessions are straightforward, relevant, high-impact… and I daresay, fun!
He truly cares about the success of each participant, and reviews of his sessions have
been consistently exceptional. We are very proud to have him on our team, and I would
highly recommend his expertise, enthusiasm and approach.”

Lynda Gerty - Engagement Director

Seminars & Workshops

We train directors, executives and other stakeholders to improve the financial future of their organizations. We do this through the CNAP course  and through customized workshops.

Participants leave our sessions with renewed optimism and an informed perspective on how they can reach their goals. It’s especially rewarding for us to help leaders make connections, collaborate and communicate ideas that will truly make a positive impact on stakeholders.

Recent Workshops

Community Foundations: Financial Management for Efficiency, Effectiveness and Accountability

A half-day workshop for select representatives from the Sea to Sky Community Foundations of British Columbia


  • Why is financial management so important?
  • Types of foundation funds
  • Public foundations – CRA Rules
  • Donation receipting
  • Financial roles and responsibilities
  • Reading financial statements and reports
  • Internal controls
  • CFC and other financial management resources

Board Fundamentals: Not-for-Profit Financial Essentials

A 90-minute seminar for not-for-profit organizations, presented in conjunction with Vantage Point in Vancouver, BC


  • Why is financial management so important?
  • Legal and tax structures
  • Best practices in financial management
  • Important Canada Revenue Agency rules and regulations

Not-for-Profit Financial Management 101

A 90-minute seminar for not-for-profit organizations, presented in conjunction with Vantage Point in Vancouver, BC


  • Why is financial management so important?
  • Legal entity
  • Governance frameworks
  • Accrual vs. cash basis reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial management
  • Financial roles and responsibilities
  • Financial risks and internal controls

Strengthening Financial Stewardship for your Organization

A 90-minute seminar for not-for-profit organizations, presented in conjunction with Vantage Point in Vancouver, BC


  • Financial roles and responsibilities
  • Components of a robust financial management system
  • Financial policies and procedures

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squamish_logo“This was a very easy to digest workshop. Even though Gordon Holley was asked to cover a lot a material in a very short time I did not feel he rushed and he was very attentive to questions from the attendees. Definitely a Saturday well spent! Thank you Gordon”

Jody VilladsenSquamish Community Foundation

Customized Training

Humanity Financial Management Inc. facilitates customized workshops with boards, committees, funders and staff. Content is often based on the unique needs of your situation, your goals and the combination of stakeholders at the session.

Contact us today to discover how we could help you.

“Gordon Holley’s workshop on Financial Management
for Community Foundations was an essential session for
board members and staff alike. His engaging and easy to
understand presentation of what can often be challenging
information was relevant, interesting and valuable to everyone
attending. A must for any organization concerned with
accountability and effectiveness!”

Barbara McMillan - Principal, – All About Impact

“I thought the course was extremely beneficial.  I’ve been employed in the NPO/Charity sector since 2013 and have volunteered for over 20 years but there was so much I didn’t know.  I thought Gord’s presentation style was excellent and it’s clear he has in-depth knowledge of the material.”

Cheri Burke-GaffneyCanadian Women for Women in Afghanistan