Requirement to Notify CRA of Changes in Directors

Many charities and not-for-profit organizations don’t realize that in addition to filing their annual T3010 (or T2 and T1044), they are also required to notify the CRA – on a separate form – for any changes in directors throughout the year.

Unfortunately, the director information that you file on the annual information returns does not update the Directors who are authorized to speak with the CRA about matters concerning the charity. As a result, unless you file the correct form to notify the CRA about changed in your directors, you can find yourself in the situation where no one is authorized to speak to the CRA from your organization.

Please read the following one-page article from Miller Thomson and print off as many copies of the form as you need to notify the CRA of any changes in your directors since the last time you notified the CRA of changes in your directors.

CRA Releases New Administrative Form for Updating Director, Trustee and Like Official Information

Form to File to Notify CRA of Changes in Directors