Charity Village Webinar: Critical Financial Controls for Small to Medium Non-Profits and Charities

Employee theft, fraud and embezzlement are surprisingly prevalent in the nonprofit and charity sector. Fortunately, this is almost entirely preventable – with the right internal controls. This webinar will outline the types of financial internal controls required to protect the assets and reputations of your organization and its directors.


On March 23, 2017, Humanity Financial President & CEO Gordon Holley will present a complimentary, one-hour webinar on the financial controls that small to medium size non-profits and charities should implement to minimize risk.

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Who should attend? Board members, leaders and executives

Cost: complimentary and available through Charity Village

Topics included:

  • How employee theft, fraud and embezzlement typically happen.
  • Why many nonprofit organizations and charities are good targets.
  • The most common methods of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement.
  • Basic internal controls that most nonprofit organizations and charities should have in place to protect themselves.

*This webinar will be recorded and available for access on after March 23, 2017.