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Bookkeeper who defrauded non-profit avoids jail time

Here is another local example of the cost of not-having appropriate financial internal controls.  No one – including bookkeepers – should ever be able to initiate bank transactions (withdraw cash or make payments) without appropriate review and approval. Click here to read North Shore News article dated 04DEC2017.  

Fake Accountant Bilked BC Company out of $400,000

Here is another local example of the cost of not having appropriate financial internal controls: First, he lied on his resumé and falsified his accounting credentials. Then, once he was hired by North Vancouver property rental company Unique Accommodations, Arthur Tat-Yue Wong used his trusted status as a supposed CGA to defraud the business over […]

Requirement to Notify CRA of Changes in Directors

Many charities and not-for-profit organizations don’t realize that in addition to filing their annual T3010 (or T2 and T1044), they are also required to notify the CRA – on a separate form – for any changes in directors throughout the year. Unfortunately, the director information that you file on the annual information returns does not […]

Gordon Holley Honoured with Community Service Award from Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia

In a ceremony held in Vancouver on February 17, 2017, Humanity Financial Management Inc. President and CEO Gordon Holley received the Distinguished Award for Community Service from the Chartered Public Accountants of British Columbia. The award is given to CPAs who invest their time, leadership skills and accounting acumen to make our communities better. A […]

Free Webinar on Keys to Financial Success in Small to Mid-size Nonprofits & Charities

I’m looking forward to delivering a free webinar – The 4 Keys to financial success in small to mid-size nonprofits & charities – next week on Thursday, March 1oth. Introductory level. Great for board members, senior leadership and executive directors or CEOs at not-for-profit organizations, charities and social enterprises. Content will be presented in an easy-to-understand format.  Watch to learn […]

The Overhead Myth – Let’s End it Once & For All!

Last week, I was asked to record a 15 minute “Podcast” for Vantage Point on the Overhead Myth. Historically, some donors and charity rating agencies have tried to evaluate and compare charities using the percentage of income that they spend on management and administration (overhead). The main message of the podcast is to provide a […]

Five (5) Important Things You Can Do To Improve Board Meetings

Board meetings are often not much fun. Here are five things you can do to dramatically improve your levels of board member enjoyment and engagement and improve your Board effectiveness. Create an Annual Board Calendar A Board Calendar is a single document that lists the 12 months of your fiscal year in columns across the top […]

6 Things to do Before You Agree to Join a NPO or Charity Board

They say that life begins when you are 45 years old.  This is the age at which many people start volunteering and giving back to their communities.  Its also when most people start to feel happier.  So volunteering to serve on an NPO or Charity board is a definite win/win – good for the organization […]

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

We just recorded our first podcast with the help of the great folks at Vantage Point in Vancouver.  They asked for our thoughts as to whether Not-for-profit organizations and charities should hire people as employees or independent contractors.  We talked to them about the risks and rewards of both.  They also asked our opinion about […]

Humanity Financial Management Inc. adapts the Certified Non-profit Accounting Professional (“CNAP”) training program to Canadian Tax Rules

Members of the National Association of Non-profit Accountants and Consultants (“NPAC”) in the USA have been offering the CNAP training program in the USA for many years. Hundreds of participants – including bookkeepers, accountants, managers, CEOs and directors from the Unites States, South America, the Middle East and beyond – have taken live and online […]